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Tangled Concept Art


by Lady Adler

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My latest painting, ‘I See The Light’ (Tangled) is up on the eBays right now, starting at a single, shiny dollar!

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When I was looking around for an Avengers fancast I saw, I ran across Torchmywood’s idea for a Vietnamese version of Tangled, because the lantern festival looks very similar to Tết Trung Thu and other Asian traditions. Hopefully I didn’t make any huge huge mistakes.

It’s also inspired by a little mostly-Vietnamese girl I know who is frustrated right now because she can’t find a doll that looks like her. She has curly hair and wears pigtails, so that’s why I deviated from most of the photos I saw that way.

It’s also messier than what I normally do because A)I’m getting really sick of  being the slowest fanartist on Tumblr, and B) I think if you spend longer than a day on a picture of somebody else’s kid drawn as an adult, they can arrest you.


Rapunzel’s Story, Part II

(Part I)


Rapunzel’s Story, Part I

*Note that the last image, with Flynn carrying Rapunzel, is the highest res ever of this the storybook illustration. It’s one of my favorites!

(Part II)


Disney Dream Portraits by Annie Leibovitz [x]