Boy Beauty+ Girl Beast. Her lack of humanity got a spell placed on her, but her salvation will not be brought on by a kiss, or love. Before the last petal falls she has must find the answer to unlocking her curse.

Trying out some new painting methods.

Samantha Mash 2013


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Belle is the first I’ve finished in the Disney heroine series I’ve been working on…

So here she is.

I am aware she would be cold, shhhhh



Book Illustration (Beauty and the Beast) final spread. OH EM GEE THE SHINY


Disney Concept Art




#anyone else seeing beauty and the beast set in india?  #maybe magical realism during the time when India was under British rule  #maybe even on the cusp of the first war of indian independence  #oh oh and her father is a sepoy in the Bengal Army and rather than losing his fortune  #he loses caste due to ritual pollution by travelling on a cramped freighter  #so he goes off to help with the war of independence  #and Beauty goes off to pray to Durga because Durga is fierce enough to protect her father in battle  #but she stumbles upon Dawon  #(Durga’s lion-tiger mount in Hindu mythology)  #and Dawon bargains with her—if Beuaty can spend a year and a day in Dawon’s service; her father will return safely home and their caste …  #will be restored  #and Beauty loves her family and her father so she accepts  #(spoiler alert; they fall in love)  #…I really like this story 

Another adaptation that isn’t related to the Disney movie, but I really love this concept :)


Korean version of Western folk stories — Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, Swan Lake, Little Red Riding Hood.

(Cr: Obsidian@Pixiv)

The Tiger’s Bride by ~shley77


Disney films & the books they were based on



“Beauty and the Beast” by snartha

I’m here for this. 


what to wear when…belle.

she found that monster, timid, mild,
led like the lion by the child.
custom and kindness banish’d fear;
beauty oft wish’d that beast were near.

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