Boy Beauty+ Girl Beast. Her lack of humanity got a spell placed on her, but her salvation will not be brought on by a kiss, or love. Before the last petal falls she has must find the answer to unlocking her curse.

Trying out some new painting methods.

Samantha Mash 2013


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The Little Mermaid illustrated by Kata Kiss




I’m a big fan of allowing stories to shift and mold in order to embrace other cultures, but I’m also a fan of accurately depicting stories.
So, when I was given an assignment in college asking me to illustrate The Snow Queen (long before I knew about Frozen, even), with the rules being that I was NOT ALLOWED to change anything in the text, I read the story and realized that the only description of any of the characters is that Ana is blond.  No description of location or characteristics outside of the fact they ride reindeer.  So I started a series of Children’s book images where The Snow Queen takes place in Mongolia with traditional clothing, and Ana is in fact a blond, lighter skinned Mongolian girl. (strongly based on this

Not sure this entirely fits here, but I can say how disappointed I was when I first saw Ana’s design because of all the places and wonderful locations I personally imagined the story taking when I illustrated it.  Hopefully it shows a way that one can adhere to the idea of a story and still have it not just be about white people.

The Little Mermaid | Part 9


what to wear when…pinocchio. she plays good, plays obedient and meek. she lets herself be civilized and even earns her right to be made real. but realness is as realness does and realness does nothing for her, truth be told. her reality is nineteenth-century italy with no coins in her pockets, no education, no happy ending. the blue fairy flew off ages ago. jiminy cricket died, smashed with a mallet by her own impetuous hand. her father is no father and hadn’t ever been - geppetto carved her for profit, that’s all; it was never a child he’d wanted, whether real or a puppet, whether a good girl or bad. realness doesn’t suit her. it’s a cold, cruel, grueling life. either she can be good to the world or the world can be good to her - there is no having both, not in her lifetime. the world has no pity or rewards for good girls. so she lies and steals and makes her way as best she can. she sins and sins ‘til goosebumps ripple across her skin as it turns to wood grain again. her toss-turns in her sleep get creakier. but everyone has strings attached; at least, when wooden, she sees hers plainly. she knows which puppet-masters make her move. with a flick of the strings, her limbs twitch in submission and act out a jittery jig. her paper britches crinkle. her oak knees knock together. she is almost all-doll again these days. only the meat of her heart remains. splinters prick it as it limply beats, alone in her hollow chest. its connecting veins have long since crumbled into squiggly lines of sawdust. still, she’d rather file her nose to a nub each night than give up lying by the light of day. lying and vices like it mean surviving. being bad is the best way she’s found to deal with being what she once called “real.”

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Inspired by a couple of sketches I saw here on tumblr, I created a racebent Ariel.


My all time  Brother’s Grimm fairy tale is ‘The Juniper Tree’. I remember discovering an old dusty volume of ‘The fairy tales of the Brother’s Grimm’ in my local library at a tender age. I fell in love with that book. ‘The Juniper Tree’ still remains a deeply disturbing experience each time I read it, yet it has an unexplainable pull to it. A sense of redemption and a righting of wrongs. These are two very old illustrations I did for my version of ‘The Juniper Tree’. It seems ages ago. I still like them, they capture the atmosphere of the story.


Ariel is the second one from my series

Belle is here

Drew this a while ago, I meant to finish these quick but I have been so busy!

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